2013 Centennial Celebration Gala

In the midst of our Centennial year, we are pleased to share a few pictures from our latest event: The Centennial Gala & Golf Tournament Celebrating a Century of Service. With Sam & Janet Alley and Dr. Steven & Anna Clift serving as co-chairs along with very dedicated parishioners and a host of volunteers from Arkansas Children’s Hospital & Community Connection, two very special events took place that enabled the Annunciation in Little Rock to celebrate a milestone as well as share it blessings with two outstanding local charities. We are privileged to note that in accordance with our parish’s honorable history and faithful spirit, these two Centennial events were able to raise over $400,000 for the ministries of the Annunciation, Arkansas Children’s Hospital and Community Connections!

As the pictures and final results make clear, with the guiding Hand of the Lord, prayer and tireless hard work, an extraordinarily successful event unfolded. The glory belongs to God alone, but the delight is for everyone to enjoy. It is also worth bearing in mind that in addition to the wonderful generosity of the parish’s annual International Greek Food Festival, in the last 12 years the Annunciation’s Taste of the Mediterranean & Golf Tournament has provided one million dollars to Little Rock charities!!!!

It is with such great momentum that the Annunciation now looks forward to the 2013 International Greek Food Festival – May our Festival in May 17- 19th! It stands as another opportunity for the Annunciation in Little Rock to use the gifts of food & culture to advance the ministries of the parish and support 5 more magnificent local charities. Please visit: www.greekfoodfest.com . Many thanks to all who made celebrating the Annunciation’s Century of Service an honor and blessing!

View the gallery here!

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