As in years past, one of the most wonderful parts of the International Greek Food Festival is YOU, our friends!. When you visit the Festival with your family and friends, a good time is guaranteed. In addition, you can make new friends at the Festival by enjoying a wide array of international entertainment while reveling in all of the food & shopping available. You can even learn more about your neighbors by taking a tour of the Annunciatioin Church and discover the rich history and tradition of the Orthodox Christian faint as well as enjoy the largest collection of Byzantine iconography in Arkansas!

Old World Market


Old World Market TwoBe sure to stop by our amazing indoor Old World Market to browse through many unique and exceptional items carefully selected and imported from around the world. You’re certain to discover something wonderful that will help you remember your trip to our festival for many years to come!

Annunciation Book Store

Icons, books, gifts and artwork.


Take home a taste of all the great foods you’ve found at the Greek Food Festival by stopping at the Grocery. You’ll find practically everything you’ll need to create your own authentic Greek meals. Shop for a variety of specialty foods, including imported Greek olive oil, filo, Greek olives, cheeses, appetizers and that popular Pete’s Famous Salad Dressing, home-made and bottled on the church grounds. For the gourmet, there’s an assortment of pastas, dried herbs, spices, Greek coffee, grape leaves, tahinneh sauce and capers. The grocery also will carry pasteli (sesame candy), halvah (honey sesame paste), imported cookies, and dolmathes (stuffed grape leaves).

Old World Market Three


Sample our sweet confections right on the spot or take home a variety, all lovingly prepared by our very own church members based on time-honored recipes.

Daily Tours

You might want to take a break from all the festivities by visiting the church which will be open to the public throughout the weekend, with guided tours to be conducted by the Rev. Dr. Nicholas Verdaris. You'll have an exceptional opportunity to see the church's brand-new handmade in Italy Byzantine wall mosaic, as well as its other iconography and hand-carved icon screen, while learning about the history and traditions of the Orthodox Christian Faith.

Church Exterior

Church Tour Schedule

5:30pm, 7:30pm

3:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm


All Are Welcome!

We are delighted to have you join us at the International Greek Food Festival of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. We hope that you will not only experience the exciting food, festivities and culture, but will take a moment to learn about our faith. If you’ve never been to an Orthodox Christian Church before, we encourage you to participate in one of our guided tours to be conducted by our very own Rev. Dr. Nicholas Verdaris. But first, here are some things that will help you understand our church and our Christian faith.

America’s Best-Kept Secret

Do you know that there are 250 million Orthodox Christians worldwide with more than five million right here in the United States? It is the second largest denomination in all Christendom. Despite its size, relatively few Americans are aware of the Orthodox Church. It’s America’s best-kept secret. Our church aptly refects America and is made up of men and women from around the globe all witnessing to the Good News of Christ. The Annunciation is a vibrant parish that adheres to Orthodox Christian principles which are concurrently Scriptural, Traditional, Apostolic and Eucharistic.

Though you can learn a lot about Orthodox Christianity by hearing it described, it really must be seen and experienced firsthand to be fully understood. And there is perhaps no better place to see and experience the heart of Orthodoxy than in its worship. Let’s look at a few characteristics of Orthodox worship which may be different from any of your past experiences.

The Work of the People

The main Sunday morning worship service of the Orthodox Church is called the Divine Liturgy. The term Liturgy means “work of the people.” Participation is the key word here. The whole congregation is active in worship, even the children. The Divine Liturgy is the common act of prayer, worship, teaching and communication of all those who constitute the Church. In the Liturgy all are invited to participate, by grace, in the life of Christ. It is through worship and service that we thereby come to know Christ, the source of our hope. What happened almost 2000 years ago becomes vital, alive and contemporary to us in the Divine Liturgy.

The Physical Side of Being Spiritual

Since the times of the New Testament, Christians have believed that when worshiping God, we who are earthbound enter by the spirit into “heavenly places.” In Orthodox worship, we can step out of the pandemonium of time into the peace of eternity. You’ll have an exceptional opportunity to see the church’s brand-new handmade in Italy Byzantine wall mosaic, as well as its other iconography and hand-carved icon screen, while learning about the history and traditions of the Orthodox Christian Faith. Therefore, everything in our worship has heaven as its point of reference. But this heavenly focus by no means turns worship into a mental religion. In the Orthodox Church, a human being coming before God involves the unity of soul and body. Accordingly, worship calls for the action not only of the mind, the emotions and the will, but also of the body with all its senses. So, as the Scriptures describe, in worship there are things to see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Our whole being is to participate actively in the worship of God.

Church Interior

Windows to Heaven

One of the first things you’ll probably notice as you enter the Annunciation are the icons or pictures — images of Christ, the Virgin Mary with her Child, angels, Saint John the Baptist, along with three brand new icons that have just recently been installed. An icon (a Bible word meaning “image”) is a dramatic and constant reminder that there is infinitely more to reality than what we see day by day on this earth. Icons serve to illustrate the Bible as well as highlight the presence of heaven to us in our worship. We don’t worship the icons, of course: worship is for God alone. But we do use them as vital tools to draw near to God, His servants and the Truths of Christian faith, and as such they have long been called “windows to heaven.”

We hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into the Orthodox Church. For more detailed information, please visit the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church’s website or simply visit us on any given Sunday at 10:00am to behold a dynamic 2000-year-old tradition come alive at the Annunciation in Little Rock.

The Easterseals will set up a mountain of fun, like frame making and face painting. And we know how finicky kids can be about what they’ll eat, so we’ll be serving grilled hot dogs. Plus this year we’ve added even more fun attractions, including some super-fun rides and games.

This Year's Entertainment Schedule

Friday - October 23, 2020
(Updated schedule will be posted soon!)
Saturday - October 24, 2020
(Updated schedule will be posted soon!)
Sunday - October 25, 2020
(Updated schedule will be posted soon!)

Last Year's Schedule

Friday - May 17, 2019
Time Show
5:00PM So You Think You Can Greek Dance?
5:30PM Greek-American Folkdance Society
6:30PM O'Donovan School of Irish Dance
7:15PM Dabkeh Middle Eastern Dancers
7:30PM Greek-American Folkdance Society
Saturday - May 18, 2019
Time Show
11:00AM ICan! Dancers
12:00PM Traditions and Dances of Russia
12:30PM Dabkeh Middle Eastern Dancers
1:00PM Greek-American Folkdance Society
2:00PM McCafferty School of Irish Dance
2:30PM So You Think You Can Greek Dance?
3:00PM LTD! Edition Cloggers
3:45PM Dabkeh Middle Eastern Dancers
4:45PM So You Think You Can Greek Dance?
5:00PM Ballet and Mexican Folkloric Dance Group Quetzalli
5:30PM Greek-American Folkdance Society
6:30PM O'Donovan School of Irish Dance
7:15PM Lisa Academy Girls Turkish Folk Dancers
7:30PM Greek-American Folkdance Society
Sunday - May 19, 2019
Time Show
11:00AM Dabkeh Middle Eastern Dancers
12:00PM LTD! Edition Cloggers
1:00PM Maverick Mixers Square Dance Club
2:00PM Well Tempered Claviers Quartet
2:30PM Greek-American Folkdance Society